Kathy’s long experience in this market has led her to have a very precise methodology – Hannah Clayborn

Kathy Vendel has done an excellent job as our real estate agent, as I suspected she would. After only about a week on the MLS we had eight offers, half of which could be considered. In the second round of counter offers, we reached our target price and received an additional stellar one. Our house will sell for $100,000 over list price.

I was not an easy customer. I had a very negative experience with an agent selling a property in Sonoma County and so decided to try to sell our Walnut Creek property myself. I soon learned that there is more to an upscale real estate market like this than publicity alone, things that only a very well connected agent could access. Being a researcher as part of my profession, I did my homework and chose Kathy for her unequaled track record of sales in our neighborhood. When I met her I was happy to find her to be personable and down-to-earth. Her patience while I dithered and delayed a bit about when to sign with her was admirable.

Kathy’s long experience in this market has led her to have a very precise methodology, not all of which came easy for us. But we put our faith in her and followed that methodology despite some grumbling and foot-dragging along the way.

Kathy is highly thought of by her peers as well. Despite the fierce competition among agents (and we received literally hundreds of solicitations) many spoke highly of her skills, even her disappointed competitors.

We are left very happy and grateful clients, and we can wholeheartedly recommend Kathy Vendel as a real estate agent to all.

Hannah & John Howland

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