Formula for Success in a Changing Market

Kathy Vendel December 1, 2022

The market is changing and now more than ever, your choice of agent matters! Higher interest rates and fewer Buyers means more competition when selling your home. Having the right agent and the right strategy is critical to your success.


Kathy’s Sale: 332 Castle Rock Road

    • Sold on 11/16/22 for $1,895,000 (list price)
    • 9 days on market
    • Multiple offers
    • Additional time was negotiated for Seller to remain in home after closing

There are many factors that go into a successful sale – all of which need to be executed flawlessly in order to maximize the sales price and minimize stress to the homeowner.

On the other hand, if an agent misses the mark on pricing or marketing, your home is likely to be on the market for an extended period of time and is at risk for price reduction... all of which increase the length of your sale, increase stress and, most likely, results in selling your home for less money than you anticipated.

Consider the following examples of Northgate homes listed with other agents:

Active Property #1

    • 64 Days on Market
    • Original list price: $1,595,000
    • Current list price: $1,499,000 (price reduced after 59 days on market)

Active Property #2

    • 51 Days on Market
    • Listed at $1,950,000
    • Price reduced to $1,895,000 after 50 days on market

Active Property #3

    • 29 Days on Market
    • Listed at $1,850,000
    • Vacant, unstaged

Property #4

    • 56 Days on Market
    • Listed at $1,575,000
    • Withdrawn from market

The examples above demonstrate the volatility of the market and critical importance of hiring the right agent with the right strategy to successfully sell your home.

Questions? Call or text me anytime to learn more! Kathy

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